What weapons should I bring ?
A heavy rifle, .375 H&H and above, is recommended for dangerous game but 9.3x62, 9.3x74 etc are legal. A favorite shotgun is optional, but modern semiautomatic and double barrel 12 bore shotguns are available in camp.

What clothes should I bring ?
Three sets of shirts and trousers, socks, are plenty as laundry is done daily. Don’t forget sunscreen, hats, binoculars, dark glasses, and a good, light pair of ankle high boots. A flashlight and battery operated fan is useful.

Is there electricity and internet in camp ?
Electricity is provided by a generator from 5:30 am till 7am, and again from 6pm to 12 midnight. Air conditioning is available in 2 rondavels. There is no internet connection, but wi-fi via your GMS phone hot spot is possible. A satellite phone is also available in camp. If you have a GMS phone, a SIM card can be purchased locally.

What currency is needed ?
The Euro is linked to the national currency, CFA Franc. Euros are accepted at larger places, CFA Francs in smaller places.

Is a visa required ?
A single or multiple entry visa is required for US citizens. Please check with your travel advisor for details. Burkina maintains embassies or consulates in most major western countries, including USA, Britain, and France.

Health questions :
The yellow fever Vaccinations is required for all travelers greater than one year of age.
The WHO has classified Burkina as a malaria zone, but in the hot dry season there are no mosquitos. Please follow your doctors advice, but many repeat clients do not use malaria prophylaxis in the dry season Gastro-intestinal problems are virtually unknown at camp because of our pure, filtered, deep well water and attention to sanitation. Bottled water is available but most clients use our own ice with no problems Venomous snakes are extremely rare, but a snake-bite kit is available in camp and the nearest modern hospital is 1 hour away. WHO data show 80% of bites in Burkina to be due to the carpet viper, which is rarely fatal even if untreated.