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Afrique burkina Burkina Faso, is a politically stable and safe country for the Western traveler. Yentangou camp is far from the main city, Ougadogou, and sportsmen need not be concerned any crime or political disturbances, which are very rare even in Ouagadougou. You will be picked up at the airport before you clear customs by an English speaking Namoungou representative, and conveyed to camp within a couple of hours. The camp does not require guards but a watchman is up all night.

Your belongings will be secure in your chalet, or you can ‘bank’ with Eugenie and Toufic. A`former French colony, French is spoken and understood by all. However, English is understood and spoken by some camp personnel, and arrangements for a translator/videographer are available. Eugenie, Toufic’s wife, and Nasser, his son, are always in camp to translate and help if needed.

Although bordered by Mali in the north, by Niger in the est and by Ivory coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin in the south Burkina is a coccoon of security for all visitors due to a strong security system.

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